April 6, 2021

MARCH 26, 2021

  • Grey-Lockdown updated to include 10 participants for team training.
  • Page 7 table – Outdoor activities updated to “Yes” / Maximum number of Participants updated to “10 outdoor” / spectators changed to allow one parent for participants under the age of 18.
  • Page 7 – NEW GRAPHIC – with the changes, Grey level is now part of our Phase 1 (Individualized Training). This has been reflected in the Return to Play Guide.
  • Page 8 – 6th bullet point to allow outdoor activities /4th bullet THREE meters for physical distancing (replacing 2 meters) / 7th edited to specify the spectators AND include requirement for face covering / added 12th bullet point with participant restriction.

*Please visit the Ontario Soccer website for daily updates on COVID-19 and more information on Return to Play Guidelines.

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